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The Christians took up the bones of Polycarp, Bishop of Smyrna -who had been taught by the Apostles themselves. after he had been burned alive and speared by the Romans

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Good grief, seriously? Scientific facts?? LOL. Nobody has made life from non life, Mr. Horatio. How do you know that 8767 s a scientific FACT if no one can prove it in the lab? You poor delusional man. And no one can demonstrate that mutations can actually produce new and different organs and body parts so that one animal can turn into another animal. Remember, your ilk 8767 s brilliant explanation is that Macro evolution explains all of life 8767 s variety, bacteria evolving into man. The problem is, you can 8767 t get bacteria to do anything more than breed more of the same genus of bacteria. That 8767 s a problem if you 8767 re going to go from bacteria to man. For people who believe this kind of baloney, bird brain is a compliment.

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As you said power usage would be pretty low. You would only run the fridge for a week at 75 deg while fermenting then could turn it off once you have bottled. Unless you also use it to cool your beer prior to drinking.

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I also did the stock-Lager they provide you in the starter pack. It smelt pretty horrible putting it together, reminded me of my Dad's old homebrew back in the day

I was 'what is this new stuff ?' &ndash so googled &ndash rang Coopers who told me 'clear and bright is all you need &ndash if any haze in the bottle a little bit in each bottle with hot water to lift it off' &ndash I've been experimenting with cold/pre-mixed to save on hot water &ndash but this evening after knocking off my prerequisite two stubbies of home brew, I rinsed each bottle with cold water 8 times as is my wont, bottles looked clean to me except for a tiny line in the neck where the top of the beer was &ndash does it need cleaning ? &ndash oh well, try and see

Everybody who’s ever been fired has sat down to write a book about it. But harping on the wrong that’s been done to you can make your readers uneasy. If they were seated next to you on a plane, they’d be desperately longing to change seats. Lawsuits, controversial issues, other people’s behavior, how overwhelmed you were by the flood of wedding gifts, and what a chore it was to write all those thank-you notes: all such topics force you to work hard to overcome the reader’s unease at smelling an agenda, or anger, or bragging.

Dry enzyme breaks some of the complex sugars down into simple sugars that the yeast can digest. But that sugar ultimately converts to alcohol, which is still technically a carbohydrate, and still contains calories. I suppose you could include less sugar and dry enzyme to get the same alcohol content and call it low carb, but getting more alcohol from the same sugar content doesn't compute as low carb.

Steeped the crystal for half hour, strained off the grain. Washed over the grain with another litre of water at about 75c again and put the lot back on the stove, boiled for 5 min with the 75g of goldings.

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