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Date of publication: 2017-08-26 06:50

Thank you so much! I have been struggling with which one to get until I found your post. I am going to run over and get Thesis right now. Great article on a comparison between Thesis and Genesis.

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We 8767 ve built something for the people who want the 8775 no code 8776 design stuff. But we 8767 ve specifically focused most of our resources on creating turn-key child themes, and that is consistently the option that our customers choose most often.

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I came here because I was just confused whether to go for Thesis or Genesis. With thesis I have a developer version. But genesis I don 8767 t have any yet. But I was considering to buy Genesis as there are ready made child themes available, so I thought it would be easy to setup. Which one should I ready go for?

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I know the Thesis team is hard at it to make them work better together, but the frustration is building as each day passes and I hear nothing about these WordPress native plugins.

Contrast simply refers to the color of your text against the color of your background. Dark red on dark blue = bad. Both Thesis and Genesis having black on white = good. Moving on.

Both frameworks are obscenely fast! When used in combination with W8 Total Cache , and a decent server setup both frameworks can be served up in under 6 second even when heavily customized.

Both frameworks do the heavy development lifting using hooks, filters, and CSS style sheets. The way they go about it is slightly different (okay, almost completely different), if you can learn to use hooks in Thesis, you can definitely learn to use them in Genesis. Thus, in terms of learning curve, the differentiating factor definitely lays with options panels.

One thing not addressed is your point about community tutorials on the web, which you said that there are an abundance for Thesis, but virtually none for Genesis. Others picked up on this by mentioning the site. This would involve tutorials that were equivalent to the Thesis Answers site that I know Girlie was putting together.

BuddyPress support Chris has stated that BP support is unlikely. Thesis was briefly compatible with older version of BP due to the efforts of a community member, who now does not have the time to keep support up of his 8775 child-theme. 8776 Genesis, however is designed in such a way that it is BP compatible. Additionally through the efforts of Ron and Andrea almost all Genesis child themes are BP compatible through an additional purchase from their site.

Second, you need good quality staff and community support. Genesis appears to be getting there on this one. Having only been around 6 months they don 8767 t quite have the community of 78,555+ users that Thesis does, but they 8767 re gaining steam and the support forums are quite active.

Great in depth review Adam
I 8767 m looking to buy something like Thesis or Genesis in the future.
Your article has probably moved me in favour of Thesis.

I just purchased Thesis for a whooping $699. SInce I never used anything like this, I am confused whether I made a correct decison of paying such a huge amount.

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