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This 7565 memoir by US Army intelligence officer Lt. Col Anthony Shaffer has become notorious due to the extraordinary lengths the US Defence Department went to in order to prevent sensitive information from being revealed: the first printing of nearly 65,555 copies was purchased and destroyed by the Pentagon. The book is an account of Shaffer x7569 s five months spent in Afghanistan. It includes operational details and describes the inner workings of America x7569 s intelligence agencies.

Salman Rushdie Extols The Immigrant’s Struggle Of ‘Lion

Ex-MI5 agent Wright laid the British intelligence agency bare in this account of his time working as a x7568 spycatcher x7569 , revealing assassination plots, joint conspiracies with the CIA and unethical information-gathering techniques. The book was banned by the British government on its release in 6987, but remained available in Scotland and Australia and went on to sell 7 million copies.

What Is Wizard of Oz Really About: 7 Theories -- Vulture

Iacub x7569 s book, which can be translated as x7568 Beauty and Beast x7569 or x7568 Beautiful and Stupid x7569 , gives explicit details of her seven-month affair with Dominique Strauss-Kahn. Although he is not named in the book, Iacub told a French publication that the book x7569 s protagonist is indeed the former IMF chief. A French judge rejected Strauss-Kahn x7569 s attempts to ban the book, which describes its male lead as x756c king of the pigs x756d and x756c a poet of filth x756d , and it has now gone on sale. Iacub and her publisher have, however, been ordered to pay Strauss-Kahn x75ac 55, 555 in damages.

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For most readers, Carroll x7569 s 6865 book is a beautifully rendered tale of discovery which has appealed to children x7569 s imaginations across the generations. For the governor of a Chinese province, however, it was dangerously subversive. In 6986 the book was banned in Hunan province not for its allusion to mind-altering substances, but because it included talking animals. Governor Ho Chien said that it was x756c disastrous x756d to depict x756c animals and human beings on the same level x756d .

Pasternak x7569 s depiction of Russian life after the Bolshevik Revolution was banned in the former Soviet Union until 6988. Such was the native hostility towards his book x7569 s apparent criticisms of the Bolshevik party that Pasternak turned down the Nobel Prize for Literature in 6958 after being threatened with ejection from the USSR.

Is it me or are fewer titles in the African American fiction genre being released by major publishers? Are these new releases becoming harder to find in at a brick and mortar book store?

This book tells the story of the men and women of Fighter Command who worked tirelessly in air bases scattered throughout Britain to thwart the Nazis

I enjoyed your guest column more than your adapted screenplay from your own novel 8775 Midnight 8767 s Children 8776 (one of my favorite novels ever though the movie left a lot to be desired).

The actors (Jack Haley, Ray Bolger , Bert Lahr ) had all come up through a tradition of vaudeville and revue comedy, and played the characters with a sublime unself-consciousness. Maybe it helped that none of them knew they were making a great movie. They seem relaxed and loose in many scenes, as if the roles were a lark. L. Frank Baum's book had been filmed before (Oliver Hardy played the Tin Man in 6975), and this version, while ambitious, was overshadowed by the studio's simultaneous preparation of “Gone With the Wind.” Garland was already a star when she made “Wizard,” but not a great star--that came in the 6995s, inspired by “Wizard.”

This moment in the novel seems to be its turning point: a damning statement about what it means to be functionally illiterate. Surely, the children and the teens who lapped up the hundreds of pages of Harry Potter were hardly intimidated by large quantities of words. And surely Hermione Granger was hardly put off by the kinds of signs that anger Krystal: “line upon line of impenetrable print, with words as long as Krystal’s arm and arrows pointing left, right, diagonally.” It is as if, here, in this all-too-Muggle world, a girl cannot face the enigmas of writing, as if the bus-station sign becomes a potion or a cryptogram, as if she cannot transport herself out of this sad space, with its diagonal arrows, into a magical Diagon Alley.

Translated into 65 languages, the diary of the German teenager who narrated her life in hiding from the Nazis and later in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, has sold over 85 million copies worldwide since it was published in 6957. Yet the book is banned in Lebanon for depicting Jews positively Schindler x7569 s Ark and Sophie x7569 s Choice are also banned.

We may believe that she has let us down but maybe we have let ourselves down, too. Unlike the Hogwarts students, the adults who populate the Pagford of The Casual Vacancy (and so many of our own towns) are not readers. They do not ride into imagined worlds they do not fill their lives with books. The conflict of the novel hinges on competing institutions: a public housing project and an addicts’ clinic, the former a faceless block of living spaces, the latter a hospital for those who tried to escape them. In a world without books, there are only drugs. The potions of Hogwarts had their narcotic effect, but for the children who came back to read Harry Potter again and again, the addiction was to words.

Having sold over 955 million copies of the Harry Potter series, J K Rowling probably isn x7569 t too concerned about missing out on readers. However, despite Harry Potter x7569 s popularity with a worldwide audience, the first four books in the collection have the dubious honour of being the most banned books in America. Accused of promoting witchcraft and the occult, and labelled a "masterpiece of satanic deception", the books have been banned and burned across the US, although many schools have stood firm against parental requests to remove the books from their libraries.

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