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On the basis of your observation discuss, with reference to communication theories, the degree to which the people involved demonstrated effective communication skills. Compare and contrast also the usefulness of the selected theories for analysing the event.

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Write a one page closure to this experience that considers the information you discovered in the literature, the actual application of the techniques by individuals you consider exceptional and poor communicators, and end by how you will use the information of this study in Communication Skills Research Paper.

Dynamic Style :This style allows senders to use motivation to influence the receivers. It is a  high-energy approach  involving the use of motivating words and phrases to encourage the audience to get inspired and achieve a certain goal. A sales manager can use motivating words and phrases such as awesome, revitalize, spectacular, nice, solely, special, enjoyable, unmatched, amazing results, a fantastic new product, absolutely stunning, see for yourself, turn wishes to dollars, top notch, gear up, ground breaker, etc., in his interpersonal communication with his team to motivate.  However, this style cannot be effective if the receiver does not have enough knowledge about the intended outcome.

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Structured Style : Here, the senders plan and structure their messages in such a way that they are well understood by their audience. For instance, a project manager who wants to communicate the specific goals of the project to his team members can follow this style. He can explain the objectives first and then gradually take his audience through his detailed plans. The structuring style of interpersonal communication is generally used to communicate specific goals and bring co-ordination in an organization. To avoid making this a one-way conversation it is always better for the senders to modify this style and keep it more open to responses from the receivers.

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Abstract In the workforce today, management as well as associates have to deal with a wide range of conflict and communication skills . All in

A second vital part of effective communication skills involves nonverbal communication. Much of what we communicate is done through body language. Being able to read nonverbal communication in another allows for greater understanding of the underlying meanings of words.

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