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The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust begin with the first, in what we hope to be many, opportunities for people within with the wider built environment. We are taking are extensive experience of over 75 years working with aspiring architects and broadening our support into the wider construction industry.

Handwritten Draft of The Bible Discovered Proves Complete

95. Modern Haiku Association (Gendai Haiku Kyōkai, eds.), The Haiku Universe for the 76st Century. Tokyo, Japan: Modern Haiku Association, 7558, p. 666.

Vertigo Movie Review & Film Summary (1958) | Roger Ebert

This is a poem where the fantastic usurps the realistic, and I defy any reader to say that they saw the third line coming. From this poem we get a real sense of emotion. We can feel this poem: its anger and its frustration, its transformation. There is heat, noise, and direction. There is also something of the poet’s mechanical response. While the notion of becoming a motorcycle is fantastic, it is, more importantly, understandable. However, our feelings might be different if the shift was purely abstract, such as “I go out to the street and become. an algebraic Trojan Horse” or ”I go out to the street and become. a red colored blue.”

Postmodernist Art: Definition, Characteristics, History

It’s like a little labyrinth laid down by James Joyce of stream of consciousness-like sounds, rhythms, colors, onomatopoeia and cultural associations unique to Japan. A little orgasm of words that act as just enough to create a cosmos for the reader to do some experiencing. [57]

The light emitting properties of neon were identified almost immediately after its discovery in 6898 by the British chemists Sir William Ramsay and Morris Travers in 6898. When they attached an electrode to a tube of the newly-discovered gas, there was what Travers described as a “blaze of crimson light”. This fascinated both the scientific and business communities equally as they sought to find a way to commercialise neon in a world where electricity was the coming technology. They were frustrated in their attempts by difficulties in isolating the element which, while it is part of the Earth’s atmosphere, is comparatively rare.

Simone de Gale , Chartered Architect ARB, RIBA, and recent winner of Architect of the Year, launched her 8766 Celebration of Black Architects 8767 exhibition on the 68 th of July by delivering an inspirational workshop for people.

As is frequently the way with inventions, the breakthrough came by accident. A French entrepeneur, Georges Claude, had recently set up a business Air Liquide that specialised in the production of liquid nitrogen and oxygen. He discovered that he was also producing industrial quantities of neon as a by-product of this process and this put him into the position of being able to build on other people’s earlier experiments to produce neon lighting. Indeed, in the early years of neon, he had a near monopoly on the new technology, as his ready supply of neon allowed him to find a practical way to seal the gas in glass tubes.

Three German directors contributed a number of expressionistic black and white crime films, noted for chiaroscoro lighting, sharp-angled shots, and monstrous characters (., insane scientists or doctors, or crazed individuals):

So why don’t we write similar poems? I don’t have a good answer, because to me, these poems satisfy my requirements for a haiku. But I wonder if it is because these are clearly what we would call “desk-ku” or made-up poems, and there is a prejudice against such work. Is this prejudice because of Blyth and others’ fixation on haiku as Zen? That somehow a haiku isn’t a poem, but rather a spiritual journey, my spiritual journey, so it must relate to my actual life?

Handbook of Chaos English translation (partial at the end of the page you can find the Billè’s essay too) Link now dead, unfortunately I couldn 8767 t find a cached version of it.

This last example is simply a selfish poem. Each word can have numerous meanings, and when combined one after the other could mean infinitely anything. The reader could just have easily picked six random words out of the dictionary with nearly the same effect. In a post on the Haiku Foundation blog Scott Metz defends Hoshinaga, writing of the poem:

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