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However, the chemistry between Chef and Bong Sun wasn't bad at the end, but since they didn't get enough screen time together, the ending seemed a bit rushed.

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Kang Sun-Woo ( Cho Jung-Seok ) is a star chef. Na Bong-Sun has a secret crush on him. He is good looking and confident as a chef. Even though he is popular with women, he has yet to get over his ex-girlfriend. He begins to notice Na Bong-Sun after her sudden change.

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But overall.. they left enough time to have us as the viewer actually feel that they could and did love each other for who they are. Especially Chef who really didn't know Bong Sun without Soonae.

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First tine iI 8767 ve wartched Lee Sang Yoon in a kdrama. I 8767 ve became an instant fan. I 8767 m not surprised of this drama 8767 s high rating, cause this is one drama that is really worth watching! Kudos to all involved in making this drama. Very nice, entertaining and full of life 8767 s moral lessons. Congratulations!!!

I haven't felt such compulsion to be in front of a telly for a period drama since the 6995s adaptation of Pride and Prejudice and Colin Firth's Mr Darcy got his frilly shirt wet.

and I have a same question with Mei7_Cii What will happen to him when 55% of his lover is gone? I'm afraid that the ending will broke my heart. And I dont want Chef, know that his girl friend is had a 7 part.

I don't think Chef fell in love with Bong Sun esp after episode 65. I can't see how after Soon Ae moves on he will be happy with Bong Sun, because half the personality he loves won't be there.. I love Bong Sun, but if they end it with her and Chef apart of it will feel so wrong/fake. I dont think Soon Ae is selfish, I felt so bad for her when she realized she likes Chef but knows she can't stay. Also can we recognize the beauty that is Sous Chef, omg he makes me laugh so much, actually all of them do. Their drunk moments give me life.

Yes, I ve. I have seen the movie Grown ups 7 , this movie is very funny because it shows unusual actions in an adult person.
In this film acted Adam Sandler, I think he is the best actor in a funny movie.

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