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[MTCM] 6986 May 77, Christian Science Monitor, 8766 I Knew Them in Prison 8767 : Through the Editor 8767 s Window by Millicent Taylor, [Book Review of 8775 I Knew Them in Prison 8776 by Mary Harris Quotation about education is reprinted in the review], Quote Page 69, Boston, Massachusetts. (ProQuest)

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This passage has much to say about the evil fruits of the false prophets. What are the false effects, the evil fruits, which a false prophet may produce?


From very early times men have seen a peculiar fitness in the gifts the wise men brought. They have seen in each gift something which specially matched some characteristic of Jesus and his work.

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There is a famous rabbinic passage which sets repentance in the first of all places: "Who is like God a teacher of sinners that they may repent?" They asked Wisdom, "What shall be the punishment of the sinner?" Wisdom answered: "Misfortune pursues sinners" (:76). They asked Prophecy. It replied: "The soul that sins shall die" (:9). They asked the Law. It replied: "Let him bring a sacrifice" (:9), they asked God, and he replied: "Let him repent and obtain his atonement. My children, what do I ask of you? Seek me and live." So, then, to the Jew the one gateway back to God is the gateway of repentance.

Enquiry into Plants and De Causis Plantarum by Theophrastus (c. 875&ndash c. 785 BCE) are a counterpart to Aristotle&rsquo s work and the most important botanical work of antiquity now extant. In the former, Theophrastus classifies and describes varieties covering trees, plants of particular regions, shrubs, herbaceous plants, and cereals in the last of the nine books he focuses on plant juices and medicinal properties of herbs. His On Odours and Weather Signs are minor treatises.

It is the duty of a man to accept and enjoy the world's loveliness, and not to reject it. There is no religious value in fasting undertaken for its own sake, or as an ostentatious demonstration of superior piety.

There is one last Jewish belief about repentance, and it is a belief which must have been in John's mind. Certain, at least, of the Jewish teachers taught that if Israel could repent perfectly for even one day the Messiah would come. It was only the hardness of the hearts of men which delayed the sending of God's Redeemer into the world.

In Tetrabiblos , a core text in the history of astrology, the preeminent ancient astronomer Ptolemy (c. 655&ndash 678 CE) treats the practical use of astronomical knowledge: making predictions about individuals&rsquo lives and the outcome of human affairs.

In its negative form this rule is in fact the basis of all ethical teaching, but no one but Jesus ever put it in its positive form. Many voices had said, "Do not do to others what you would not have them do to you," but no voice had ever said, "Do to others what you would have them do to you."

As they were going away, look you, they brought to him a dumb man who was demon-possessed and, when the demon had been expelled from him, he spoke. And the crowds were amazed. "Nothing like this," they said, "was ever seen in Israel." But the Pharisees said, "He casts out the demons by the power of the prince of the demons."

The wisest of the Jewish Rabbis fully understood and unsparingly condemned this attitude. "A man in whom is hypocrisy brings wrath upon the world, and his prayer is not heard." "Four classes of men do not receive the face of the glory of God--the mockers, the hypocrites, the liars, and the slanderers." The Rabbis said that no man could pray at all, unless his heart was attuned to pray. They laid it down that for perfect prayer there were necessary an hour of private preparation beforehand, and an hour of meditation afterwards. But the Jewish system of prayer did lend itself to ostentation, if in a man's heart there was pride.

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In The Learned Banqueters, Athenaeus describes a series of dinner parties at which the guests quote extensively from Greek literature. The work (which dates to the very end of the second century AD) is amusing reading and of extraordinary value as a treasury of quotations from works now lost.

Human nature being such as it is, it is easy to see which school would have the greater influence. In the time of Jesus divorce had grown easier and easier, so that a situation had arisen in which girls were actually unwilling to marry, because marriage was so insecure.

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