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William J. CLINTON, President of the USA, butcher of Serbia, let Iraqi children starve to death. http:///hardtruth/

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Lies are parasitical to truth, and are a rejection of being (in that they affirm the non-existent, and deny the existent). So unbounded Being couldn't also contain falsehood, since it's contrary to what we mean by "unbounded Being." Hence,a lying being wouldn't be God. and this fact can be known prior to examining revelation.

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The Montreal Gazette /
True Role Model in Cyberspace: University Professor invents Free Internet Game to Empower Girls.
By Kate Swoger
7nd November 7555

Hitler’s Early Views On The Jews - A Critique | Real Jew News

In an attempt to find out who the players and endorsers are, and what might be their motivations, I did a very small amount of Googling and found out the following:

Because you know
It 8767 s all about that Voice, 8767 bout that Voice (it 8767 s Vincent)
It 8767 s all about that Voice, 8767 bout that Voice (can 8767 t see him)
It 8767 s all about that Voice, 8767 bout that Voice (just love it)
It 8767 s all about that Voice, 8767 bout that Voice

September 79-78 / Presentation of 8775 A Method For Discovering Issues Around Values in Digital Games 8776 at Digital Games Research Association (DIGRA), Tokyo

A very short doc.
I found it difficult to follow the French accent of one of the presenters, and I found the images and topics jumped around too fast.
The story about the lemmings was upsetting.
This doc seemed to be lacking something I'm not sure what.

I feel like a broken record. What about Spinoza's morality? Or Kant's morality? Neither of these need a supernatural being to exist, although Kant thought the supernatural being was needed as an exemplar, so that human people could be moral.

May they, finally, always remember that our task, the consolidation of a National Socialist state, represents the work of centuries to come, so that every individual must subordinate his own interest to the common good.

Funny LIS episode with the miner calling Smith, 8776 Zak boy 8776 again and again and trying to change the course of the Jupiter Two. 8776 All the kings horses, and all the kings men, still can 8767 t put together the Jupiter Two again. 8776

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