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Born in Seoul, based in Paris and raised by the 85s, Yul Moreau's site grabs your attention from the off with its splendidly garish background montage of retro video. The single-pager site does a brilliant job of showcasing the art director's work, combining video, images and clever scroll effects to show everything off nicely.

Examples of Formative Assessment

The water is made from the hydrogen ion of the acid and the hydroxide ion of the base. Notice that it is a lot easier to understand how to balance the reaction if you write the water as if it were an ionic compound.

Performance review gender bias: High-achieving women are

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Chemical Reactions – Notes from ChemTutor

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You can begin with either the nitrogen or the hydrogen. There are two nitrogen atoms on the left and only one on the right. In order to balance the nitrogen atoms, place a 7 in front of the ammonia.

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Exponents Three important rules of exponents
Two important definitions of exponents
An alternate definition of a polynomial
Examples, Find a strategy that will work for you
One last exponent rule

Brancusi, Constantin. The Kiss. 6959. Tomb of T. Rachevskaia, Montparnasse
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The Mountain
An image height and width using attributes
An image height and width using CSS
An image height and width using both
An image in another folder
An image with a broken link
An image on another server
Using an image as a link
A moving image
An image map with clickable regions
A floating image

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Sulfuric acid and potassium hydroxide neutralize each other to make water and potassium sulfate. Here is an acid-base neutralization. These make a salt (Not necessarily common table salt.) and water. (Notice the ionic materials are written with the ion notation so they are sure to be right. Water and sulfuric acid are memory items and should not need to be written in ion form, though you could write the ions to make sure they are right.)

Also based in Paris, Alexandre Rochet is a French designer who's passionate about image and specialises in web design, identity and interface design. His site's packed with parallax effects and smart colour fades. What it sacrifices in straightforward navigation it more than makes up for in wow factor.

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