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Thomas Hobbes

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When the Irish scholars
decided to lay the foundations
of medieval Europe,
they established:
Centers of Thought
in all the cities of Europe
as far as Constantinople,
where people
could look for thought
so they could have light.
Houses of Hospitality
where Christian charity
was exemplified.
Agricultural Centers
where they combined
(a) Cult
that is to say Liturgy
(b) with Culture
that is to say Literature
(c) with Cultivation
that is to say Agriculture.

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In his 6986 book, Morals by Agreement , David Gauthier set out to renew Hobbesian moral and political philosophy. In that book, he makes a strong argument that Hobbes was right: we can understand both politics and morality as founded upon an agreement between exclusively self-interested yet rational persons. He improves upon Hobbes' argument, however, by showing that we can establish morality without the external enforcement mechanism of the Sovereign. Hobbes argued that men’s passions were so strong as to make cooperation between them always in danger of breaking down, and thus that a Sovereign was necessary to force compliance. Gauthier, however, believes that rationality alone convinces persons not only to agree to cooperate, but to stick to their agreements as well.

Of the Interior Beginnings of Voluntary Motions, Commonly

In the end, though, whatever account of the state of nature and its (a) morality we attribute to Hobbes, we must remember that it is meant to function as a powerful and decisive  threat : if we do not heed Hobbes's teachings and fail to respect existing political authority, then the natural condition and its horrors of war await us.

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Modern society believes
in separation
of Church and State.
But the Jews
did not believe in it,
the Greeks
did not believe in it,
the Medievalists
did not believe in it,
the Puritans
did not believe in it.
Modern society
has separated
the Church from the State,
but it has not separated
the State from business.
Modern society
does not believe
in a Church 8767 s State
it believes
in a business man 8767 s State.
8775 And it is the first time
in the history of the world
that the State is controlled
by business men, 8776
says James Truslow Adams.

If we make
the right decisions
in the age of chaos
the effect of those decisions
will be a better order.
The new order
brought about
by right decisions
will be functional,
not acquisitive
not socialist
not collectivist
not mechanistic.
The thing to do right now
is to create a new society
within the shell of the old
with the philosophy of the new.
which is not a new philosophy
but a very old philosophy.
a philosophy so old
that it looks like new.

The training of social workers
enables them to help people
to adjust themselves
to the existing environment.
The training of social workers
does not enable them
to help people
to change the environment.
Social workers
must become social-minded
before they can be critics
of the existing environment
and free creative agents
of the new environment.
In Houses of Hospitality
social workers can acquire
that art of human contacts
and that social-mindedness
or understanding of social forces
which will make them critical
of the existing environment
and the free creative agents
of a new environment.

Italian soldiers
went to Ethiopia
to civilize the Ethiopians.
The Italian soldiers
still think
that invaders
can civilize the invaded.
But the Ethiopians
do not like the way
the Italian soldiers
try to civilize them.
The best way
to civilize the Ethiopians
is to prepare
Ethiopian men
for the priesthood.
As Christopher Dawson says,
has a lot to do
with religion.

It is said that Abbe Chardonnel,
who was a poet,
became a priest
so he could be more of a poet.
You, who are a born agitator,
have become a priest,
which makes you more of an agitator.
In St. Louis University
you turn out Masters of Arts,
but as Diego Rivera says:
8775 All art is propaganda. 8776
And as all propaganda is agitation,
it behooves St. Louis University,
one of the best American universities,
to turn out Masters of Agitation.
So The Catholic Worker suggests
that you, our Master Catholic Agitator,
start in St. Louis University
a School of Catholic Agitation
for the popularization of Catholic Action.
Yours for Catholic Action,
For The Catholic Worker,

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