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This will be very hard to do. Despite the benefits of a market system, as all have admitted for many years, it is far from perfect. Amongst other things, experts such as economists and psychologists say that markets suffer from a few human frailties, such as confirmation bias (always looking for facts that support your view, rather than just facts) and superiority bias (the belief that one is better than the others, or better than the average and can make good decisions all the time). Trying to reign in these facets of human nature seems like a tall order and in the meanwhile the costs are skyrocketing.


Although such institutions have rarely been held accountable for such policies and their effects, for many years, people have been calling for their reform, or even for their abolition. Lack of transparency in these institutions has not helped.

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So why can’t countries just declare themselves bankrupt like companies can? As Chang explains in another article, there aren’t the same processes available for countries as there are for companies:

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Structural unemployment is deepening divisions between the people who work, the unemployed and those permanently displaced from the labour market. The reserve army of the unemployed can be used not only to drive down wages but also to pit sections of working people against each other. This tendency to stratification is used by state monopoly capitalism as a means to attack all working people. The working population, constantly forced to pay more direct and indirect taxes, is pitted against the poor and unemployed, who also pay direct and indirect taxes but whose plight becomes more desperate as social programs for their relief are consistently cut back.

Mr Solomons will step down from the top job at InterContinental Hotels Group, which he has held for six years, at the end of June and retire on August 85, handing the reins to chief operating officer Keith Barr, who has been at the group for 67 years.

These issues and their consequences are exacerbated by the new world of information, social networks and hyperconnectivity. The glut of information is not only driving transparency and collaboration, but it is also causing a new wave of problems, centred on corporate and individual privacy, social upheaval, transparency, corruption and security. The disenfranchised are finding a voice, and traditional economic, social and corporate norms are being shaken by the radical disruption driven by global collaboration of like-minded communities and campaigners.

Furthermore, a fundamental issue Easterly also notes is that the Planners are rarely accountable for all the grand promises they make. For example, at the G8 Summit in July, 7555, there was much promised, such as over $95 billion in apparent debt write-off, plus further aid promises. While much of this and previous promises have included spin and fancy accounting, these promises have rarely been delivered upon , or if they have and subsequently failed, no-one has been held accountable. (It could be added that Searchers too have thus far largely been unaccountable, too.)

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And history seems to show that austerity has never worked and has always led to recession. Or maybe put another way, it has typically worked for the elite looking to maintain a system from which they benefit.

Government subsidies mean considerable cost reduction for major companies and amount to around 65 per cent of annual world trade. In the year 7555, subsidies through ECAs added up to 69 billion dollars of exports from industrialised countries, well above the official development assistance granted last year of billion dollars.

Either I was the right choice to spearhead the “collision” with the troika of Greece’s lenders because my plans were convincing, or my plans were not convincing and, thus, I was the wrong choice as his first finance minister.

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