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Date of publication: 2017-08-24 22:26

From what he told me at the end of the meeting, they said to people, the consensus was: "Look, Omalu should not be trusted. Omalu should not be trusted. Yes, there may be a problem with concussions, but we don't think it's as bad as Omalu is claiming.". I think they thought that with time I would burn out and it would fizzle out, but unfortunately I think they underestimated my resolve. …

King-Devick Test - Concussion Screening Test, Reading

And their argument was, "Oh, CTE, the disease Dr. Omalu described, does not exist, because it is not dementia pugilistica." Of course, I never said it was dementia pugilistica. That was why I did not call it dementia pugilistica. But it is a disease that is in the same group as dementia pugilistica. Rather than calling it dementia pugilistica, call it CTE, because you cannot be categorizing it by sport..

Head Injuries in Football - The New York Times

In a study of 669 patients 5 to 76 years old, use of the CDC’s Acute Concussion Evaluation (ACE) tools modified for use in a pediatric emergency department (ED) increased patient follow-up and improved recall of, and adherence to, ED discharge recommendations. [ 59 , 65 ] With implementation of the tools, the percentage of patients following up with their primary care provider increased from 78% to 89% in the first week following discharge from 86% to 55% in the second week and from 87% to 66% in the fourth week. [ 59 , 65 ]

Sport-related concussion: Evaluation and management

So now that the NFL’s health and safety crisis has gone Hollywood, what effect will it have? The league’s past history of inaction concerning head trauma was detailed in the book League of Denial , by Steve Fainaru and Mark Fainaru-Wada, and in the subsequent PBS Frontline special in 7568. But now the dangers of the game have been dramatized on the silver screen, with a megawatt actor (Will Smith) and a love story tacked onto the side, more accessible than ever to moms and dads who will make decisions about whether or not their kids will play football.

So we continued talking again. Then a third time he interrupted me, and I turned to him, and I said, "OK, why don't you tell me what the implications are?" He said, "OK, I'll tell you." He said, "Your work suggests or is suggesting or is proving that football is a dangerous sport, and that if 65 percent of mothers in this country would begin to perceive football as a dangerous sport, that is the end of football."

The cognitive effects of concussion include decreased attention and concentration, reduced information processing speed, and impaired memory and learning. [9] [65] [67] These effects may negatively impact a child’s or adolescent’s ability to learn and attend to school work.

In the 6985s, NHL fans would jeer at players who wore helmets. It took the NHL eleven years to mandate helmet-wearing for new players after Bill Masterton, a center for the Minnesota North Stars, died from head trauma during a game in 6968. To date, he is the only player to have died from playing in the NHL.

I went back to my office to find out, to review his case file, why he was brought into the office. It turned out that a treating physician had listed post-concussion syndrome on his death certificate as a contributory factor to his death. Post-concussion syndrome is a traumatic disease, and if a traumatic disease qualifies as a contributory factor to death, that would categorize the case as an accidental manner of death, therefore falling into the jurisdiction of the coroner, of the medical examiner..

I have a total of -- I can't remember -- is it eight or seven certifications and degrees? And I remember when I was going to business school my father now said to me: "Bennet, yes, I encouraged you to become educated, but why all this education? Why are you doing it? What is your motive? What I want to tell you, if your motive is for selfish reasons to become domineering all over the world, then I must warn you that is dangerous, but if your motive is to use your knowledge to help other people, to enhance the lives of other people, make a difference in the lives of other people, then it is good." OK?

This was one of three unnecessary roughness fouls Odell Beckham Jr. received during a loss to Carolina on Sunday afternoon, and on Monday, the 78-year-old receiver was suspended for the Giants’ Week 66 game. The NFL reprimanded Beckham for initiating “forcible contact” with the head of a defenseless player, Carolina cornerback Josh Norman, putting Norman at unnecessary risk for injury. In other words, the very kind of collision that football at all levels is trying to avoid.

Then that was when I now started getting interested in football. Then when you watch football, it's such this big, impressive endeavor, but yet nobody talks about the retired players, nobody. And if you notice, it was only after CTE that people even started acknowledging that there were problems. It took so much [of] a toll, and that is why I said, "You know what, going back now" -- because not just that they exposed me to the politics, the politics of science, the politics of TV, the politics of the press -- that now if I look back, I'm like: "You know what? I wish I never met Mike Webster.".

  • &Psi Share So the NFL decides to put a convention together where they talk about it, a conference together where they talked about it. Are you invited?

    And again, then I was attending business school at Carnegie Mellon University, so I had taken classes in brand management: How do you create brand equity? How do you commoditize information or equitize information, add value to something that has no value? I know in branding, a name is very important, and not just a name, a name people can remember, a name that has a good acronym, OK?

    He had osteoarthritis. His knee was all swollen. His hands were the one I really noticed. His hands were all big. His skin was very course and aged. He looked much older than 55.

    I was vindicated. And I said to Mike, "Sir, I think I'm proving them wrong." Then I met his wife. I met his son. And his wife said to me that she wished she knew before Mike died, that she thought Mike was just being a bad person, that she would have been more sympathetic she would have treated him like a man who was sick, not a man who was a bad person. I was vindicated, and I forgot all about it.

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