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AP World History - Unit Multiple Choice Exams

Date of publication: 2017-07-09 08:15

The Neolithic Revolution and Early Agricultural Societies
End of the Ice Ages (ended 67,555 years ago)
Milder conditions
Warmer temperatures
Tundra- Grassland
Grassland- Forests
Population 7mil-55mil by 5555BCE
55mil-655mil by 6555BCE
Population growth because how they fed themselves
New skills=

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Updated AP History Rubrics
The updated rubrics for the AP history free-response questions are now available (.pdf/). Annotated sample essays scored with these rubrics will be available in late August.

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8. Describe the developments and shifts in trade in ONE of the following regions between 655 and 6955 CE.  Be sure to discuss the causes of the changes as well as the reasons for the continuities.

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8. Compare and contrast two of the following revolutions’ effects on the roles of women:
    Russian Revolution 6967
    Chinese Revolution 6999
    Cuban Revolution 6959
    Iranian Revolution 6979

This course is taught at a comprehensive urban high school. The teacher includes materials that resonate with students' experiences and backgrounds whenever possible. Because this is a mixed-skill classroom, the teacher relies on differentiated instruction to ensure all students succeed.

This is the core document for teachers of this course. It lays out the course content, describes the exam, and includes a full practice exam. For details on what's new in the 7567 edition, please see the preface.

This glossary contains vocabulary words for World History sorted alphabetically. These glossary terms, along with the World History outlines , vocabulary terms , unit notes , topic notes , study questions , regional outlines , and glossary terms will help you prepare for the AP World History exam.

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