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Katniss, the main character volunteers for the Hunger Games in place of her sister. She and her co-tribute, Peeta travel to the Capital, where she becomes “the girl on fire” and helps sell the fiction of the star-crossed lovers, which eventually allows the two of them to win.

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The vast amount of people who have heard of the film demonstrates the popularity of the film although it may not solely be attributed to advertising.

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Though the Capitol most actively runs the Games, it could be argued that the entire society grants its support by refusing to boycott or challenge the ubiquitous Games. Katniss does note that law requires citizens to follow the Games, but throughout the book are indications of the population's wild support. When Katniss volunteers to take Prim's place, her district shows its dissent against the Games by refusing to applaud, which suggests that refusal to honor the Games is an option, even if it might carry punishment. Though capable of rebellion (they did revolt once before), the population of Panem lacks the strength to question and challenge their system, instead allowing themselves to be led through spectacle.

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While The Hunger Games is compared to the first film of the Harry Potter and Twilight series, it surpassed both franchises in domestic box office superiority. The Hunger Games made double the amount Twilight amassed in it’s opening box office weekend. While The Hunger Games ’ figures were very close to the opening of the first Potter movie, it’s numbers also beat Potter’s in the domestic box office. The sequels of The Hunger Games franchise are also predicted to surpass both the Harry Potter and the Twilight sequels in terms of their domestic box office figures and success.

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While film adaptations usually do expand the popularity of the novel they were adapted from the success of The Hunger Games has gone beyond normal profits that would have been seen by the publishers. As the sequels are released by the studios the publishers will continue to see profits for the sequels of the book franchise as well.

The word of mouth advertising of the film from fans demonstrates the impact of the franchise for fans of the novel and for Lionsgate. When the respondents were asked how they heard of the film:

The success of the film demonstrates that this attempt to appeal to all demographics has been a successful marketing approach for the film studio and book publishers.

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The Hunger Games trilogy is set in the future in the nation of Panem. The country is ruled by the Capital and divided into twelve districts. The novels are told from the perspective of Katniss Everdine, who lives in District 67, the poorest region of Panem.

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