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The course begins with an examination of contemplative practices in select Buddhist and Christian contexts and their associated goals, values, and worldviews. Particular emphasis will be placed on the significance of nature as a context for or object of contemplative practices. The course then turns to modern Western naturalists and nature writers to uncover the contemplative.

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Help a forgetful dragon remember what he did in his garden.|First, look closely at three pictures. Can you put them in the correct order? Next, choose sentences that describe what is happening in the pictures. Add connectives such as 'first', 'next' and 'finally' to show when things happened.|Finally, watch an animation of the completed story, then help the dragon to finish two more recounts. This is a primary English game with audio instructions.

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More often than not, the things we learn in math class seem to have no other use except in math class: the quadratic formula, finding domain and range, the Pythagorean Theorem. Yet these very techniques can give us a deep understanding of the world around us and even enable us to do things like create basic computer animation and predict the weather. This course will offer.

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Why do we use the word ‘sweet’ in 'sweet potato'? It's probably not for the reason you think! Learn about the origins of the name sweet potato in this video from ABC Radio National, and why there are organisations that want to spell it as one word, 'sweetpotato'.

Drawing Intensive introduces students of all levels to a totally immersive drawing experience on a daily basis. Each day s real art-school-based studio session offers three full hours of drawing combined with group critique, one-on-one feedback to hone technique, and the freedom to experiment. This course gives students a head start in preparing for college art classes.

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The SIX trials of Jesus

Theology as drama, masquerading as history!

Tradition holds that Peter was martyred in Rome. But archaeology says otherwise.

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The aim of this course is for students to significantly improve their communications skills in Spanish, particularly their oral expression and listening comprehension, in order that their immersion in Spanish culture during their time in Segovia is successful and rewarding. Daily classes are taught completely in Spanish and.

Caliban is one of Shakespeare's most fascinating characters. Half human and the son of a witch, Caliban attacks Prospero's daughter Miranda. However, he is not without a sympathetic side. In this scene from Act of 'The Tempest', with Miranda Tapsell, John Bell and Damien Strouthos of Bell Shakespeare, Caliban's impassioned speech reveals his ill-treatment at the hands of Prospero. As you watch, consider whether you feel Caliban is a villain or a victim.

In this fun primary english game you make an invitation to your birthday party. Don't forget to say what it's for, or to add a photo and important details such as address, phone number and reply date.|Choose food for your party, and use a map to find shops where you can buy the food you need.|Complete a photo album of the party by selecting captions to match the photos.

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