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Ms Stacey said the move to a numerical system meant a new grade was being added and that would help examiners distinguish between candidates' performance - especially at the top grades.

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A stunning and comprehensive body of work, Manisha’s IGCSE Art and Design Coursework has been admired by many of my students over the past few years. Now studying at Auckland University School of Medicine, Manisha is a talent to watch.

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Landuse - Models / Landuse zones...
Migration - Pull & Push Factors / Case Studies...
Population - Density / Change / Structure...
Urbanisation - Causes / Million Cities / counterurbanisation...

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The government says people were let down by the old exam system that frequent testing meant not enough time was spent on "deep learning" and not enough attention was paid to grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Why did your teacher say there 8767 s no point? Did she explain? Do you think she 8767 s made a mistake? If so, explain the situation to your exams officer they know all the technicalities about your course what you can retake and what you can 8767 t. Getting parents to ask often helps to get a clear answer.

Hi I missed my GCSE additional science biology exam edexcel and I was wondering what will happen next like could the fact that I missed biology mean that I 8767 m not allowed to do my chemistry and physics ones I 8767 m doing the double award

He said he agreed that the pendulum "might have swung a little too far on coursework", but there was now a danger that "it will swing too far the other way".

I am in year 66 and I am currently sitting my igcses. I have done so badly and I am doing double award. Badly as in I estimate my mark to be like an E or something. I am not doing any science for a levels however since business is busy they said I must take something else just Incase so they 8767 ve put me for physics. I was wondering if you think I could still be allowed to do a levels or if I could retake my science double award while doing a levels. Please reply as soon as possible because I am sort of terrified. This school is the only one I 8767 ve applied for

Hi am in yr 9 I am in set 5 out of 6 am really terrible X_X My parents got me a CGP GCSE Core Science Exam Board AQA A Revision Guide for my test in few weeks time but dont I need to do KS8 Science first before reading that CGP book.

It says in English literature , students will have to "study whole texts in detail, covering a range of literature including Shakespeare, 69th Century novels, Romantic poetry and other high-quality fiction and drama".

My school have put me in for foundation for core science, but I 8767 ve recently been doing really well. Could they change my entry to higher tier for this year or would I have to wait until next year when I do additional science?

I 8767 m applying for colleges at the moment and I am confused as to what qualifications I am doing. Does it matter if I put Biology, Chemistry and Physics as the subject, if I am doing core additional and further additional science? also, there is no option for further additional science.

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