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Date of publication: 2017-09-05 04:26

You focus on autists, who are plenty in internet debates and can be easily annoying, but the actually influential people are not autists. The best symbol I can find is Trudeau, the absolutely extroverted guy with excellent social skills, all surface no depth, who is a feminist simply because feminism happens to fashionable.

The Impact of Enlightenment in Europe []

women being given to niggers to be sexually abused and killed. men and women finally being permitted at 77 to 76 to not be supervised by an Educator, and having to pay tens of thousands of dollars over the next ten years. Nine year olds given sex hormone blockers to permanently mutilate them. The destruction of monuments and promotion of ugliness as art.

John Locke - Facts & Summary

8766 Cuck 8767 is a perfect example both describing a certain set of undesirable behavior, and digging a shiv deep into the soul of the one being described, making them feel really bad about themselves. Bullying saves lives (and civilizations).

The Enlightenment debunked « Jim’s Blog

Montesquieu somewhat misinterpreted how political power was actually exercised in England. When he wrote The Spirit of the Laws , power was concentrated pretty much in Parliament, the national legislature. Montesquieu thought he saw a separation and balancing of the powers of government in England.

You 8767 re dreaming of heaven on earth, a wonder-wife, an easy marriage. All of that is possible only if there is a perfect, merciful, All-Mighty God.

Still probably would marry the right woman , never come close though During my High T I nearly married a very inappropriate woman with nasty habit. I am lucky I didn 8767 t catch something nasty

8775 At its root false holiness involves autists confusing *proxies* for virtue that often exist as terms in discourse, with the greater ‘good itself’. 8776

Next, when catechists (teachers) are not available, the Holy Spirit teaches us otherwise, in some instances sending angels as teachers. There is a famed case of this among the Aleuts, recorded by St. Innocent when he visited them and met the 8766 shaman 8767 in question (actually he seems to be a saint, while shamans don 8767 t clearly rely on God for their talents).

I think the actual mistake of the autist is to assume depth exists in all this when there is none. So he tries to keep the whole thing consistent, the only base for which is mostly egalitarianism, and tortures himself because he called someone retarded and that is ableist. Autism expresses itself in looking for false depth, consistency, theory where there is none, just fashion.

I also think the contemporary porn epidemic is fueled by the idea that there 8767 s not enough sex in the world, not enough children, not enough romance and seduction, and so porn-viewing guys (and 8775 romance-novel 8776 reading women) want to compensate for the many 8766 dead bedrooms. 8767 Compensation is irrational, but the 8766 they 8767 re just horny 8767 explanation does not suit me- I know human sex is more than material biology.

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