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ATrump Mask Is Just One of Many Disturbing Images in the

Date of publication: 2017-09-06 02:02

Doblin works out of a home office in the attic of his house in the suburbs of Boston. The slanted ceiling is painted sky blue, with fluffy clouds a window across from his desk looks out onto the real sky and treetops. The desk is piled high with stacks of books, paperwork for the FDA trial, research articles – and a green plastic bong. Doblin has a bald spot and unruly, curly gray hair on the sides of his head, framing a face with the knowing smile of someone who has done a lot of psychedelics, and kept their wits. Barefoot, he sits at his desk to tell the story of his life’s work, periodically jumping up to find some relevant documents – a book that influenced his early research, his framed PhD from Harvard, which is leaning against a wall near the floor.

Congo's fashion cult: Cut from a different cloth - CNN

Anjelica Houston on the '75s fashion scene in New York City and moving forward after the death of her husband. Plus: Francis Ford Coppola's grand hotel, Thomas Flohr's upstart VistaJet and the race to save Afghanistan's cultural heritage.


Mike Abrams, Virginia Avent, Lindsay Blatt, Sara Bonisteel, Emily Brennan, Elizabeth Bristow, Phaedra Brown, Monica Drake, Jeremy Egner, John Hyland, Michael Kolomatsky, Tiina Loite, Maria Newman, Josh Robinson, Ashwin Seshagiri and Joe Siano.

-a new way to shop for fashion

The right details can give any wardrobe a face-lift. Ralph Lauren’s fatigue-print belt is a charming acknowledgment of a dandy’s style. &ndash Simone Oliver

Designed by the Los Angeles architecture studio Marmol Radziner in walnut with bronze candleholders, this 75-inch-long menorah is also available with a raised shamash holder.

Dyson spent several years and hundreds of millions of dollars developing a machine once thought to be impossible — a lightweight, handheld vacuum cleaner that is nearly as powerful as a full-size, plug-in model. The DC-59 Motorhead is its best effort yet though it looks like a space-age laser gun, there's nothing better at cleaning up. &ndash Farhad Manjoo

The first disc of “Hardcore Traxx” is fine stuff — early-period Chicago house music, some with a sleazy undertow (Hercules’s “7 Ways”). But the second disc is the revelation: Dance Mania was the incubator of ghetto house, a manic, rowdy, sweaty style that took hold as a splinter sound as mainstream house was becoming more refined, which ended up influencing all the juke and footwork music of the last few years. The pioneer is DJ Funk, represented here with a pair of gritty thumpers, “House the Groove” and “The Original Video Clash: Video Clash II (Street Mix).” There’s also spare dance floor erotica by DJ Deeon (“Hypnosis”) and Traxmen & Eric Martin (“Hit It From the Back”). &ndash Jon Caramanica

This clever stainless-steel nut bowl is designed to pile the nuts in the top section so the shells can disappear into the bowl below. Give it with a sack of the best pistachios or roasted peanuts. Use it for plump Cerignola olives, too. &ndash Florence Fabricant

Glass vases with integrated trellises are the work of the Paris design studio . They are available through the Italian design gallery and ecommerce site Secondome.

This tiny jewel box of a store on Mott Street in Chinatown sells beautiful chopsticks for all manner of purposes and occasions, from the linked plastic training versions perfect for children to elegant mahogany sets inlaid with mother-of-pearl. Simply browsing the place is fun (its rudimentary website, less so), but the gifts are sublime. &ndash Sam Sifton

But she also says that she’s decided to do her part of the work – sharing her story, being a public face for the effectiveness of the medicine – and let Doblin do his. Because whether or not she aligns with every aspect, she says, “The work of MAPS I think is sacred work.”

Richard Strauss’s 655th birthday came in June, and this compilation of his songs for voice and piano is an apt commemoration of a talent that was extraordinary from the beginning, but deepened as he aged. The performers include both artists and eminent veterans like Brigitte Fassbaender. &ndash Zachary Woolfe

The only thing left, she says, that still feels like one of her old symptoms, is anger. But her anger is focused now, directed at pharmaceutical companies and government regulators – anger that this treatment exists but is not widely available.

Silly single player tycoon / tower defense game about religion and money in Colorado made in one month. A collaboration with Eddie Cameron. (October 7566)

Kiosk shops internationally for affordable goods and presents them as country-themed collections. This month, it’s offering designs from Romania, including this small painting kit.

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